Which Matters More: Content or Delivery?

‘You think in a complex manner. I mean, your way of writing leans toward academic,’ my best friend said.

‘What’s wrong with well verified information?’ I argued.

Well, readers often care more about how you say something, your voice, not what you are saying,’ he replied.

‘Are you saying that delivery is more important than content?’ I challenged him.

‘Yes, on the internet, where most searchers are not so keen about credibility of sources so long as you sound persuasive,’ he calmly explained.

‘Is that so? I guess I need to find my voice, then,’ I conceded.

Content or Delivery?

All writers want their works to be read. All along, I thought as long as your content is intelligently crafted, meaning, logically arranged, clearly presented, and information sources are well evaluated  – you’ll be a blogging rock star! No, it’s not enough – it’s not even the most important element of enticing readers to visit your website.

It’s your voice.

I wonder how I can use my real voice when I write.

Should I share with you my real passion for health and wellness? My earnest desire for independence? My endless love for inspirational books like Og Mandino’s and talks like Zig Ziglar’s?

Do you want to hear about my latest achievement? The latest happening that made me so excited? Would you be interested in me?

I want to listen more but when one writes, he/she tends to do much of the talking. Unless someone comments and shoots a question to start the ball rolling.

Let me know what you think. Why are you here? What made you upset today? What made you burst in laughter?

Let’s talk.

Maybe I’ll get to find my voice when I hear someone else’s.


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  2. Eisa Al Bin Ali Avatar
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