Cultural Gap

I salute diplomats. Perhaps they have the longest patience. They must. Just thinking of the great differences between tribes, cultures, traditions.. they need to overcome these to perform their jobs well.

I’m enervated pleasing multiple wishes. I’m plain tired of pretending I can do everything when I apparently can’t.

I’ve been consistently convincing myself of this line: “Grumbling requires no self-denial, no talent, no brains, no character”. So the talkative side of me has ended, I thought. It could. It might.

Yet, even if you don’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.. doesn’t mean you’ve overcome it. It only lessens the noise – the annoyance towards yourself for verbalizing the obviously ugly truth. Further, it radiates negative energy (if there is such) towards the people who care for you, or whom you care about.

I sense cultural gaps everywhere: during a simple phone conversation, an innocent favor asked, a request to stay a little late, misunderstanding due to a silent demeanor. Maybe, I should learn to use my tongue at once. The more I express myself, the braver, the freer, the happier I’ll be. Probably.

Indeed, living and working abroad is the hardest social skills exam. Wish me a passing score.


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  1. Wow! That’s a reayll neat answer!

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