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Hello, Reader. Please drop by and stay awhile at our new site: A week ago, Neil and I made a few articles for all trivia freaks & fanatics like us. We just thought everyone likes to find out the most expensive stuff ever known-perhaps to sell and gain millions, or simply to feed their cost curiosity.

I’m really on it. I can’t stand a day without thinking of the most expensive things to share. Though the writing part is kinda tough, I’m getting the hang of it.

If you want to share the most expensive things you know or you want us to do the research, email me ( or simply comment on this post.

Now, I have the best excuse for the infrequent updates on the lure of I’ll resume writing regularly at once I set the best sked for and

Please give me some love, visit and

Maraming Salamat! 🙂


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