ESL Philippines – The Awaited Twist

Creating websites for me and Neil means baby-making. Iamissa is the firstborn, not to mention the most stubborn of all our offsprings. MYESL dot info came next – the hyper-correcting toddler who kept me awake most nights researching for something to fill her up. Then came the trivia princess, TME (,  a refreshing addition to the gang- she robbed her siblings of my love and devotion.

When I thought their dad ran out of energy making babies, he came up with ASKESL – the most inquisitive among them, or so I thought. ESL Philippines proved how a twin works better than two English fanatics. tidily tied askesl and myesl in a single address:

You must understand the pain and pressure I’m going through. It’s hard to let go of babies you once thought were great enough to leave a legacy. ASKESL and MYESL won’t pursue their dreams but ESL Philippines will trace the high path to success for them.

We officially say goodbye to and, but we gladly welcome their hybrid (an exciting mix of both askesl & myesl plus more!) – ESL Philippines. Please welcome and embrace ESL Philippines, too!

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  1. way to go mama issa and papa neil!!!! ^^,

  2. Thanks, supportive Kate. Hahaha.. Ninang ka ng future real babies.

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