Three shopping malls were our targets: Battuta Mall, Emirates Mall, and Dubai Mall. I’ve been to Emirates and Dubai Mall, so only Batutta Mall intrigued me. The name alone would leave you wondering. What is it?  Or more appropriate to say, who is he?

After googling, I came to know he’s a wide traveler, imagine journeying for more than thirty years, it’s no surprise he was an authority when it comes to historical and geographical accounts (visit wiki for more details). Mind you, I didn’t know this before I went to the mall. An aunt told me that it’s a country-themed shopping mall. I was excited ’cause I thought there might be a corner dedicated to Filipino buyers. But there’s none. Now I know. It’s not a race issue, but a simple misinformation. Ibn Battuta has widely traveled around Islam countries – though Mindanao is, it’s still hardly a country itself, so I didn’ t find a court of Philippines inside this museum-like mall. I have some shots to spare.

What else does Battuta Mall have in store for you? Check this out.

By Issa

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