Yawnful Morn

Hey, gear up! Oh, what a sluggard,what a pain!

Get up, rise up, the sun’s hot and burning,

Come on, gaze up, breathe in,and breathe out,

Let some fresh air come in and blow thy lungs.

It’s but another day, you’d wished never made..

It’s just but another day that’ll slip away,

‘Seize the day!’ Oh, see, lazy me is deaf.

‘I’m sleepy! I’m sleepy!’was all my mind says.

Why won’t time stand still as I sip my tea,

fold my legs and stare far and blank?

How dare you, hands of clock to tick-tock

while I’m still having a second sleep?

Slumber dear, pray heaven would hear,

Don’t you need rest? Is relaxing ever a sin?

Perhaps not on weekends and non-working days…

So be no sluggard,grumble not,hey, get moving..

Two more days of toil, two more days of toil..

Yoh, hear yourself say:

Don’t work and starve,

Love slumber and wear rags,

Of course, you’d rather not..

Leave leisure for another day…

It will claim its share anyway..

Just bear in mind, always put in your head,

“When your life ends, rest is unending feast.”

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