Liked and Disliked

A close friend once told me I was born to please. Through a quick play at Yahoo’s Q & A’s, I came to know I’m not totally likable, which made me feel so human. Let me share my answers to two questions which someone somewhere in the web thumbed up and down.

4 responses

  1. hi issa!
    i sent you an email. did u receive it?
    i hope so!

    miss u! muah!

  2. Hi, Kate! When did you send it?
    Haven’t got it yet..huhu..

    ‘missed you too! See you soon! 🙂

  3. maybe two or three days ago?
    i sent it here:

    just asking where i can contact u
    ur fb is gone?
    and i can’t log in to skype :'(

    yah, see you soon!!! yipee!

  4. Not gone..deactivated lang.. 😉

    Yahoomail na lang.. Don’t worry, that’s still me.hehe..

    Date ulit?haha..

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