4 Replies to “Liked and Disliked”

  1. hi issa!
    i sent you an email. did u receive it?
    i hope so!

    miss u! muah!

  2. Hi, Kate! When did you send it?
    Haven’t got it yet..huhu..

    ‘missed you too! See you soon! 🙂

  3. maybe two or three days ago?
    i sent it here: issa@iamissa.com

    just asking where i can contact u
    ur fb is gone?
    and i can’t log in to skype :'(

    yah, see you soon!!! yipee!

  4. Not gone..deactivated lang.. 😉

    Yahoomail na lang.. oaress@yahoo.com. Don’t worry, that’s still me.hehe..

    Date ulit?haha..

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