“Honey, don’t worry, I’m not spending a penny for any guy,” Kav said smilingly.

Kav in the middle

I felt some blood surged to my cheeks at Kav’s assurance. I forced a chuckle as a reply.

It all started with a date anecdote I shared to Kav. I never regret getting an answer straight from an Indian woman’s mouth, yet I should have done a quick search on the latest trend in courtship and marriage in India before I said this:

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about something I’m so curious about.. but I was quite shy…,” hesitant yet I continued, “do you really need to give some money or dowry to the parents of the guy you are about to marry?

“Hardly! she exclaimed. “Where did you get that info?” she queried.

“A close friend,” said I simply.

“That’s really old practice perhaps in some rural regions in India, the gal’s parents give a dowry to the family of their daughter’s future groom. They think the man would eventually act as the breadwinner in the family after the wedding so they are worth the investment,” she reasoned.

“So only men in those regions get to wear price tags?” again I asked.

“Probably,” with glinting eyes she added, “Honey, don’t worry, I’m not spending a penny for any guy.”

Query settled. What’s the price to pay for asking? Bearable awkwardness but enlightenment on the matter.

By Issa

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