Untiring pollinator

How could something ephemeral be this beautiful?

Short-lived they may be, but butterflies spread their wings with vigor.

No trace of sadness can be seen as its wings work out to make this world a flower-ful place.beauty worker

There was once an episode about butterflies and their brief stay on earth (shown on Hirayamanawari). It broke my heart- shattered my hopes that wonderful things do last. How something as exquisite as butterflies just pass away swiftly? Eventually, science coldly told me that it’s just every insect’s life cycle.

It’s nature’s timeline. Sure. I understand that now. I just feel that something as charming and stress-relieving as butterflies deserve more attention than what they are receiving. So in this post, I want to fill the entire page with their colorful marks, their hard work, their seemingly immortal beauty.

Hail the unsung heroes and heroines of beauty.

Stop by the garden, yours or others or public, run after these busy beauty workers.

You  can take it further: take pictures of them.

Lots. Loads.

So here are the products of my Canon EOS 1100D’s butterfly stalking game. They are too small so I had to use “Macro” settings and bend my knees to get the closest glimpse of them.

Hey, look, I even made a card about them. It’s just so refreshing to give people a sight of something they might not have time to notice, more so, appreciate.



By Issa

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