You can’t blame me for craving the view of the beach. Its bayside coconut trees and the mighty sun melting down the horizon. It’s like a dream realized in a sudden, subtle click.

Sunset at Jumeirah Beach

Speaking of dream, I have a silly, utterly secret one to tell you.

I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Payatas, the setting of my recurring dream. In reality, we lived nearby the eye-sore mountain of garbage in Payatas B, the sight that gave us shame, poor health, and a truly ugly view. We deeply resented the scorn and derision we got from our “clean and green” neighboring towns.

Back to the steadfast dream. In it, there were mighty forces that worked miracle or magic on the mountainous trash. In a flash, the towering garbage disappeared and what remained was a hole – a huge hole that was swiftly converted into swimming pools of many shapes and varied sizes. Yes, almost paradise just like in fantasy movies.

That dream revisited me today. As to why, I have no clue. Here’s another sunset view:

The sun says bye

I’m not a political force, neither a historical figure, is there a possibility that I can turn a mountain of garbage into a fabulous resort? The eye-sore in Payatas B presently looks flattened and the methane gas from the buried trash now powers the electric bulbs surrounding the wasteland.

Now you might be asking why I posted photos of sunset. Well, whenever it comes, the dream of a beautiful Payatas revisits. Whether it’s good or bad, I cannot tell.








By Issa

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