Designing an infographic is addicting.

After making an infographic about Phrasal Verbs, my desire to create more useful ESL lessons through infographics just won’t die. In fact, it keeps burning. Today, I’ve finished one infographic about Figures of Speech. I thought it’s delightful.

Making this gave me pure joy so I hope to pass it on to you. If it makes you happy (my ardent wish), will you share it to your friends and family? To view its bigger version, please click on the image.

Figurative Language

Figures of Speech have always fascinated me. They reveal the great flexibility of the English language. By knowing this power, the possibilities to craft colorful phrases, vivid sentences and timeless masterpieces are outright limitless.

If we harness the power of figurative language, we can make English words, phrases, and sentences do for us anything we want.

I could go on and on – if you let me. But your time is precious. That’s what I’m trying to save with this infographic. Let me know what you think of it.

I’d love to study and simplify English Language for everyone with eager eyes and ears.

By Issa

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