What do you feel about infographics? For me, they’re fabulous!

When I googled “infographics creator” last night, I found Piktochart on top of the search results. I gave it a try and here’s my first infographic! It’s about Phrasals or Phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs infographics Is it pretty? I wish I had more space to discuss the topic in detail. This is one of the many drawbacks when one doesn’t use a PRO account:

  1. You can’t switch off the Piktochart’s watermark.
  2. You’ll have fewer themes to choose from.
  3. The image quality of downloads isn’t as stellar as what Pro users avail.
  4. A pdf copy isn’t downloadable.

The  beginner’s Pro Account costs $29 a month. I’m not sure I’m ready to make such an investment yet. With my current skill level, I could use a lot of practice. But I think it’s a fun way to teach English online. Infographics appeal on visual ESL learners. I hope to master infographics designing so I could use it on our website: www.esl.ph.

Feel free to suggest a topic in English that you want me to cover. I’d do my best to capture the essentials in a single image, just like the sample above.

I’ll wait for your suggestions! Ciao!

By Issa

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