Ma'an Coffee Factory Facade

A.S. Fortuna Banilad is fast becoming a favorite street of coffee lovers.  If you’re coming from Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue and searching for a spot to hang out with your caffeine fanatic mates or book-loving BFF’s, the lure of Ma’an Coffee Factory (in A.S. Fortuna) is hard to resist.

Ethiopia Coffee Beans - Ma'an Coffee Factory Cebu City

A cup of Brazil NY2 Cerrado

First, they serve coffee in a thick ceramic mug, not a paper cup. Second, I appreciate how the shop owner/s educate guests about a variety of coffee beans they serve. Visitors will find a description of each coffee bean in addition the price posted on top of the counter.

Aspiring coffee connoisseurs will drool over these international beans (I know I did):

Brazil NY2 Cerrado – A rich aroma of dark chocolate with butter and roasted coffee lushed with almond. These coffee beans and nuts from Brazil represents their country very well.

Colombia Huila Supremo – The sweetness of caramel, with rich texture and aroma flows in the mouth so silky smooth.

Ma'an Coffee Factory - Get to Know Your Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed G2 – An infused aroma and flavor of mixed herbs, such as, eucalyptus,  lime, grapefruit and citrus. Texture is very soft and light, you could think of sangria instead of coffee.

Kenya AA FAQ – The delectable flavor and aroma of finely fresh-picked fruit, consisted with the rich taste of dark chocolate. Flows harmoniously with the creaminess of butter.

I opted for Brazil and then ordered Ethiopia for my coffee buddy (guess who). He doesn’t drink alcohol so the sangria-like flavor in his coffee would do.

Americano coffee with chocolate cake

The wooden table makes a perfect backdrop for an Instagram-worthy photo.

I’m familiar with the tastes of both beans because we have experimented with quite a few of them. (We decided to brew our own at home to reduce our monthly coffee bill by buying Blue Notes Coffee Beans from Alessi in Ayala.)

Anyway, enough about my coffee preference. Let’s talk for a bit about desserts! 🙂

A slice of chocolate cake from Ma’an Coffee Factory is good enough for two sugar-averse diners.  Non-coffee drinkers can find something to order from the menu. They have shake, frappe, smoothie, and tea on offer.

Chocolate Cake at Ma'an Coffee Factory

Their chocolate cake is so rich, slightly sweet and large enough that I didn’t crave anything else.

Ma’an Coffee Factory Features

The coffee shop has books you can pull out from the shelves and read for free (as far as I know, I was never charged a penny for reading one of their hard-bound books).

Small as it is, the shop is secured by a guard. He watches over the cars parked outside, greets customers, and just maybe.. keeps book thieves at bay.

The cafe has an awesome ambience and laptop- or gadget-friendly nooks. Rest room is available. Drop by anytime from 7AM to 3AM.

As for the typical crowd, the cafe is a hit among students and yuppies. The space is quite tiny for a big group.

Ma'an Coffee Factory A.S. Fortuna, Cebu

A rainy day is a perfect excuse for a coffee break.

Have you been to Ma’an Coffee Factory? How do you like your coffee?

P.S. If you like to have a wallet-friendly dinner, there’s an eatery nearby, called Maco Manok. I love their grilled squid, ginger-rich tinola and smoked fish (tinapa).

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