Tazza Cafe + Patisserie Banilad

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie, a restaurant known for its stylish wall art, cozy corners, and oh-so-delectable cakes, has recently (softly) opened its doors in Banilad Town Center (BTC), Cebu. Now, all chic cafe fans are beyond enthused. Yours truly included.

This is the second Tazza Cafe location in Cebu (the first one is at Tsai Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City). They announced the restaurant’s opening in Banilad last April 28 on their Instagram account.

While I never got the chance to visit the first branch, I was able to check out this new branch. So, without more ado, here’s the takeaway:

Order a cup of brewed coffee and you will be served with this huge cup of coffee. Yes, you can definitely order another cup but you wouldn’t need to as this will be sufficient, I assure you.Brewed coffee at Tazza Cafe Banilad

I was meeting Maria and Bella for lunch. So as soon as we’re settled, we asked for their complete menu and the staff showed us plenty of options to choose from.

Since I didn’t want to burden my brain with trivial decisions, I selected what the menu marked as the “best-selling” grilled sandwich. If many people are buying it, I thought maybe it’s good so why not try it. Check it out: 

Angus Beef Cheese Sandwich

Angus Beef Cheesesteak Sandwich with a side of potato chips

As soon as my main meal came, I marveled at the huge serving.

Although I was confident I could devour this cheesy, grilled beef sandwich without help, I didn’t want to look like a glutton. LOL.

So like a proper girl, I asked the gals to get a slice of my sandwich. While I liked the filling, I didn’t like the thickness of the bread. I was also hoping for a bland brown bread instead of a buttery and slightly sweet bread. That’s Neil’s favorite but I’m not a big fan of one. 

Tazza's pasta

Meanwhile, Bella ordered something heavier for lunch, too. She got a plate of Beef Stroganoff with rice while Maria opted for pasta. Their meals looked excellent and tasted great! (Why do we find another person’s meal way better than ours? This is a thought for another time.) The chef didn’t use strong flavors, opting only for mild seasonings.

Melted brownie ala modeBut the item on the menu that melted our hearts was not the main course. Resisting sugar seduction (and failing fantastically), we fell into temptation and ordered two types of desserts: one’s a naked cake (the name is from the lack of icing) and the other is brownie ala mode, which broke our vows to skip sweets for the sake of our waistline.

It won our hearts even in its poor form. Even when melted, it was heavenly.

So far, that’s the latest scoop of the recent restaurant opening near my place. I guess I’m going to have to come back here sometime soon. Hopefully, I get to invite more friends to share the calories with me because I expect to succumb to sweets when I visit Tazza again. 

Until then, check out the menus of Tazza on FoodPanda and opening hours plus contact information below:

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie

Address: Banilad Town Center, Cebu City, 6000

Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 12:00 mn

Phone: (032) 266 9218 | Tazza Cafe’s Facebook

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