Are you widowed? divorced? or above 40 years old and never married? If you’re a Kuwaiti woman with any of these statuses, never lose heart as you’re likely to  get a marriage proposal soon.

Kuwait government generously grants men 4000 KD (50,905 DHS/623,949 PHP) on their first marriage to a Kuwaiti lady. However, there are still a lot of unmarried women in the country due to population imbalance so Al Duwaisan, a witty member of the parliament, proposed an additional financial aid for men to afford second wives.

I just thought, why not seek aid to fund college or vocational education for women instead of giving more jackpot  packages to men? Could anybody in the parliament think of empowering women so they could look after themselves?

You may find these suggestions pointless as culture and tradition always reigns. Nonetheless, I see a ray of hope every time I meet an Arab woman joining the workforce. A large-scale, drastic reform of female status quo may be unattainable, yet every single woman who refuses to be just a second wife might bring about some change.

By Issa

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One thought on “Would You Say “I do”?”
  1. then this is better atleast its a legal procedures to let them marry twice to the lady they want and it will not be against the laws

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