An Afternoon at IL Corso: Exploring the STELLAR Fountain & More

IL Corso Lifemalls in South Road Properties has become a popular destination for locals and tourists, thanks to its stunning seaside location and various dining options.

Last Sunday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit it with my little one for the first time, and we were both blown away by the beauty and excitement of the place.

At 4 o’clock that afternoon, I couldn’t wait to meet up with my old friends from Outburst, the first company I ever joined in Cebu. We were all so excited to catch up before the holiday season!

Cyd and I were the first to make it to the mall after a quick taxi ride from Ayala Malls Cebu. We were amazed to see a battleship-shaped playground waiting for us to explore.

IL Corso has a cool seaside theme for its playground: The Battleship.

The slide was closed, which I was thankful for because it was too high for Cyd. He then spotted a food truck called Big Dad and other stalls in the North Parking area and asked if we could get something to eat.

While Cyd and I were busy looking at the food options and cookies to give away, I took a moment to admire the towering lighthouse called IL Corso Lighthouse. A quick Google search told me that the lifestyle mall is more than 10 hectares and offers a range of seaside leisure facilities for residents and visitors of Citta di Mare. The mall inside was mainly empty, but outside, it was bustling with activity. 

There were runners and walkers with dogs and kids by the bay, and the spot also offers a decent view of the new bridge, Cebu–Cordova Link Expressway or the Third Bridge.

After walking around the bay, we saw my friends waiting for us at Lantaw, a popular restaurant with a seaside view. We ordered for the group and caught up on each other’s lives.

As the hours passed by, the kids were all starting to get a bit restless. That’s when one of my friends mentioned the highlight of IL Corso Lifemalls: Stellar – the Dancing Musical Fountain.

Stellar – the Dancing Musical Fountain

Stellar, located in the Central Piazza, is a stunning display of water and light choreographed to a variety of music. As the evening went on and we were sated from our dinner, we went to see the highlight of the mall: the fountain show, which runs from Thursday to Sunday at specific times (6 pm, 6:30 pm, 7 pm, 7:30 pm, 8 pm, and 8:30 pm). 

It was almost 7:30 pm, and we thought we had missed the fountain show, but to our delight, the female voiceover announced that one more show was coming. Cyd was overjoyed and eagerly waited for the show to begin.

As soon as the fountain started dancing, my son wanted to get closer, so we moved closer to the fountain. He was utterly captivated by the beautiful display, and I had to stop him from moving closer to the fountain where he might have fallen.

The show was a mesmerizing combination of lights and music, and the water seemed to be dancing in time with the beat. We were both in awe as we watched the show and cheered as the fountain reached its climax. It was truly a magical experience. The show lasted about 10 minutes and featured a mix of classical and Christmas music.

“It’s good for my brain,” said Cyd referring to the show a little later.

It was an enchanting experience. Even though I’ve seen more impressive dancing fountains in Dubai, this one was even more special since it was the first I watched with Cyd by my side.

After the fountain show, we decided to grab some drinks at Luminous Espresso Industry PH, where the gals in our group enjoyed glasses of chardonnay and mojitos, the designated driver had coffee, and the kids had one sweet frappe choco drink and a slice of cake for sharing. I also ordered pizza as Cyd didn’t eat at Lantaw.

As the night wore on, I could sense that Cyd was getting tired, and the group was ready to call it a night.

Calling it a night at IL Corso

Our experience at IL Corso Lifemalls was terrific, and the dancing fountain show was truly the highlight. It’s a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Cebu City.

How to go to IL Corso Cebu

See the nighttime wonder for yourself at IL Corso Lifemalls’ The Stellar Fountain and bring your friends, family, and kids.

Getting to IL Corso Lifemalls is a breeze because you can use the CIBUS.

IT Park to IL Corso (First Trip)

5:10 AM – 6:00 AM

IL Corso – IT Park

6:00 AM – 4:50 PM

10 mins interval

5:00 PM – 10 PM

40 mins interval

IL Corso – IT Park (Last Trip)

10:20 pm – 11:00 pm

It’s important to know that wait times will be significantly longer at busy times. Due to evening traffic, routes may alter. CIBUS has a helpful dispatcher that can assist you with route adjustments and other issues. Check this link for more details.

Quick Tips

Meeting at around 5 pm for dinner is perfect if you have kids with you so you can easily secure seats. Bring small toys and slim books to keep the little ones entertained in case your phone battery dies. On that note, bring a charger (the cafes have outlets for charging).

Contact Information and Operating Hours:

IL Corso LifemallsFacebook | Website (Shop Directory) | Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm | Email:

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