Tagaytay trip with large family

Traveling in a large group can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be quite daunting. If you have ever tried to plan a trip for more than one person, you know that booking flights and hotels is just the beginning.

This year, I have been on a few group trips that were a lot of fun to plan and participate in. Yes, it does require careful planning, teamwork, and the skills to make everyone happy. But at the end of the day, you feel closer to your friends and family and eager to plan the next trip with them.

Also, it is beneficial for Cyd in many ways to spend time with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. One of the most obvious advantages is that it strengthens family ties by allowing them to interact with each other. As a bonus, Cyd feels that he is part of a huge family. Furthermore, exposing him to the perspectives of older people and cousins can help him develop empathy.

Let’s look at how to plan a trip for a big group and how to deal with problems that might come up.

Organizing a Group Trip: What You Need to Know

Trip around Camiguin with the Yamit family.

Begin with a budget. 

The first step in planning any vacation is to create a budget. When organizing a big group trip, it’s critical to consider how much money each group member is willing and able to spend. A large disparity between individuals at the upper and lower ends of the spending scale can lead to stress or misunderstandings later on. 

Choose a destination. 

After everyone has agreed on a budget, you can start thinking about where you want to go. This may appear a simple assignment, but if there is a dispute over where to travel, consider conducting polls or surveys among group members to come up with something that everyone agrees on.

Arrange transportation and lodging. 

After you’ve determined your budget and destination, the fun part begins: reserving transportation and lodging! Determine what type of transportation is suitable for your group – a van, bus, or commuting. It’s best to rent your own transportation than use public vehicles for trips with a lot of kids. To save money on charges such as meals and entertainment activities, check all-inclusive resorts or hotel packages that offer discounts when booking numerous rooms. Or do a Google search of Airbnb properties that can accommodate large groups (example: “big group” “tagaytay” site:airbnb.com).

Create a schedule of activities at your destination. 

The last step is to organize your activities once you get to your destination. This is another part that requires some creativity. You want to plan activities that appeal to as many people as possible while staying within the budget you’ve set. Check out what local attractions or special events are going on while you’re in town. This can give you great ways to have fun without breaking the bank. Finally, make a plan so everyone understands where they need to be and when they can expect meals or tours during their stay.

Challenges of Group Travel Planning:

When traveling in such large groups, it can take a lot of work to deal with different points of view, for example. Try not to compromise, but also respect each person’s viewpoint about what they would rather do or eat during the trip, as everyone has their own tastes and preferences regarding things like food choices or activity ideas. 

Also, planning logistics like transportation pick-ups or meeting times might take a lot of work. Make sure everyone knows where they need to go when leaving certain places so no one gets left behind. I find that talking to a co-organizer is easier than announcing updates in a group chat. Assign the transportation booking to someone else in the group if you are not traveling with them in the same bus or van, for example.

Lastly, you may need regular phone calls or text messages to inform everyone about changes in plans. When there are a lot of kids to look after, this can be really tricky, so determine the most reliable leader in the group and send each other updates via FB chat or texts. Calls might be necessary when the issue is urgent.

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Final Thoughts

Preparation makes traveling with a large group easy. Setting a budget ahead of time gives you more leeway when choosing destinations and activities later on. Understanding each person’s likes helps decision-making; reserving transportation and hotel packages sensibly saves money in the long run; correctly arranging logistics assures everyone’s safety, and keeping everyone informed helps minimize confusion during excursions. With these tips in mind, you should be better prepared to organize a trip with your big group –  family or friends.  

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