The quick answer is ‘yes,’ especially if you’re traveling with fellow first-time visitors. I got the chance to visit Hong Kong during my trip to Macau, because HK happened to be just an hour away by ferry.

We chose the Big Bus Unlimited Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour via Klook.

Here are some snaps from our trip to Hong Kong’s top sights and attractions last February. Enjoy!

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Yes, The Peak is popular among tourists but you can still get a photo that doesn’t scream ‘crowded.’
The Peak Tram – the classic and only way to go to and from Victoria Peak.

Riding the Peak Tram is a touristy thing to do when in Hong Kong. Busloads of people pour into the waiting track, hoping to experience what it’s like to go up and down a mountain top via a classic funicular.

While the entire ride gave my heart jolts of pleasure, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for enjoying the trip. Why? 
Maybe because it wasn’t a unique way to see HK. It’s crowded. It’s been done by a lot of people. I was not supposed to like it.

But I really liked it. 
The experience was unique to me. It made my heart jump. Waiting for the ride filled me with unusual anticipation.

It was my first tram ride, after all. And to me, it was just as awesome as I imagined it would be. .

Hong Kongers fondly call this the “Ding-Ding.” Hong Kong’s cute commuter trams are such a common sight.
A view of the Ocean Park from the top decker of our bus. You have an option to get off here but we didn’t because we wanted to try all routes within the limited time we had.
Hong Kong has a beach destination called the Repulse Bay, where locals and tourists alike can swim, dine, and shop to their heart’s content.
Tsim Sha Tsui is Hong Kong’s shopping and night life district. It’s also where the famous night markets are.
Big Bus Hong Kong Tour has 3 routes: Blue, Green and Red. If you’re coming from  Tsim Sha Tsui, you can get a free round-trip ticket via the Star Ferry.
It was a cheap, hassle-free way to get to know Hong Kong a little better. Try it for yourself.

Use Klook to book your Big Bus Tour around Hong Kong. Here’s the link.

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