Business. Opulence. Indulgence.

The Meydan Hotel captured these words the moment I stepped into its golden glass doors. If not for my backpack and my civilized companion, Jam, I would have pranced around the lounge adorned with seats of various shapes and sizes, magnificent chandeliers and peculiar interior decors.

Upon reaching door no. 918, 57 square meters Grand Deluxe Balcony room, I readily searched for the bathroom – the main attraction. The deal-breaker. Every woman knows that “washroom time” is “ME time”. A splendid bathroom helps a woman clean, relax, rejuvenate and INDULGE. It’s the fastest escape from the noise of life, whether from internal or external conflicts.

Seeing the huge bathtub, I beamed. Yet, I was ecstatic when a mini-TV on a bathroom wall smiled at me. No excuses for missing your favorite TV series or hottest CNN news. (Though it was surely designed for guests who can never miss the race even during restroom breaks.)

For those less obsessed with bathroom interiors, you can take comfort from features like cuddly King or twin bed, stunning LCD plasma TV with JBC 5.1 surround sound, private balcony overlooking the racetrack (for horses), sleek working desk and authentic arabic interior designs. The room comes with complimentary high speed Internet and espresso and tea making facilities.

The Meydan Hotel’s Grand Deluxe Balcony Room

I’m not rich but I have experienced something only affluent people can afford: superb service and sheer indulgence at The Meydan. Thank you for The Meydan experience, Jam.

By Issa

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