Our new place doesn’t have a WiFi yet so we decided to get a PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi. The modem only costs P1,995, and it’s already pre-loaded with 10GB Data, which is valid for 7 days.

Just plug in the modem and turn on the switch. Voila: the internet will start working immediately. The default username and password is pldthome. For the best signal, place your modem near the window.

How to Change the Password of PLDT Prepaid WiFi

  1. Type on your web browser.
  2. Enter the default username and password (i.e. pldthome).
  3. Click the settings tab and change the password.

How to load PLDT Home prepaid WiFi

  1. Get the SMART mobile number on the sim card that comes with the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi modem.
  2. Send a regular load to your WiFi’s Smart mobile number. (If you load P200, you can avail the Famload 199, with 5GB data plus 7GB free data, valid for a week.)
  3. Access the Home WiFi dashboard at pldthome.com/homewifiload to check your load balance.
  4. Choose the Prepaid WiFi package you wish to avail.
  5. Refer to the screenshot below.

How long does a P200-worth PLDT Home WiFi load last

In our home, where there are two daily users, this load would last for a week, if we don’t watch too many YouTube videos at night. We usually consume more data on weekends, but we stopped watching Netflix as streaming uses up a lot of data.

How fast is PLDT Home prepaid WiFi

Fast enough to open and use multiple tabs in a browser. The internet speed tends to improve around late evening. I had no problem checking emails, using Facebook, streaming podcasts, listening to Spotify, or browsing Analytics with its speed.

Would I recommend it?

Know that I live in the city, where internet speed is relatively fast. But for you, I asked a friend who lives in a rural area and uses PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi for her home-based work. She said it was fast enough to make calls on Vonage, perform social media tasks, and do online research. I guess you got two votes for this service. (Note: We’re both from the province of Cebu.)

By Issa

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  1. Hi Thunder, if you’ve successfully logged on to pldthome.com/homewifiload, the dashboard will display your WiFi’s load balance.

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