“How much did you pay for your C-Section delivery at Perpetual Succour Hospital?”

That’s a question I asked a lot when I was pregnant. Now that the baby is out, this is the question that I get a lot. So, I tell them, P50,000 plus, and their responses vary.

“That’s so much cheaper than c-section without a package deal,” a pediatrician said.

“Oh, that’s pricey. We paid less than P1,000,” said my sisters who gave birth at a public hospital in Quezon City. (Note: It’s a C-Section but recovering patients had to share beds in the ward. Two patients per bed.)

What Does PhilHealth Cover?

For Caesarian birth, Philhealth covers P19,000 of your total hospital bill. As shown below, they deducted P11,400 on my total hospital bill charges and P7,600 on professional fee charges. Please see the final amount I paid below:

Hospital charges for C-Section (Mother Only)

The bill showed I only paid P21,950.99 but that amount does not include other costs such as medicines (not available at the hospital) and necessities for my 3-day stay. We spent an additional P30,000, covering the Newborn Care fees. Philhealth will reimburse about P2k for the newborn expenses. (I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. I’ll keep you posted!)

That’s why I estimated the final cost at P50,000.

How About the Payment For My Baby?

My baby had no issues so he was discharged after 1 day. He then stayed with me in the ward. Here’s the NICU bill.

Professional fee is zero ‘cause the baby was healthy.

Other moms were not as lucky. Some had to wait longer to see their babies as there had been complications requiring special care at NICU.

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Talk to your physician if you have other burning questions regarding Newborn Care. It will help ease your mind and plan for unexpected scenarios.

Want to avail the package deal discount? Enroll in their Maternity Service Package. Here’s a post I wrote a couple of months ago to give you an idea about the inclusions and requirements: Perpetual Succour Cebu Maternity Package.

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