Celestial Space With You

Celestial bliss is what I feel, Everytime we’re together in that third space, We chuckle like crazy at frivolous things, We plotted getaways no super spy can unveil.   If this romance is insane, it’s also fortuitous.. That we found each other in that ethereal space, where “I’m your best friend and you’re my second […]


If I were a word, I don’t wanna have a synonym, Substitutable by any words that seem to look the same, Delenda, growlery, haecceity, surely are irreplaceable, I want to be just like them, words rarely fungible. Love tricks us to believe it’s sticky, constant and for long, But like friendships, they either go on […]

A Love Statement

It’s Valentine’s Day so everyone catches the love fever. Being a reluctant romantic, Shakespeare’s sonnets often make me smile. Though I resolved not to show affections solely on V-day, I’m not cynical about the idea of making a season for love (It’s a day it’s fine to be corny). Ergo, I’m making a love statement: Love is a steady stream, not […]


What’s the difference between a 25 y/o Issa and a 24 one? A minute. Excuse my humor practice. I’ve been emotional lately that I cry seeing a yellow cake and a yellow bear. Was it a coincidence that I received presents with a touch of yellow? Never mind the question- it’s trivial. What matters is that I’m still alive on […]

I See You

Near or far, you catch me breathless, From a distance, you’re so blue and oh, so endless, As I sit next to you, I’m cuddled with peace, Yet your waves could often be such playful beasts. You’re fun, you’re wild, you’re free yet priceless, You rip my clothes, you simply love to get me undressed, Your moods sink […]


Do I love you just for your sunny soul? For the brightness you cast on my daily toil? Do I cherish you simply for your sought-after smile? Of which sweetness (and madness)my heart swell (in delight)? Perhaps I have loved you for your timely words, Sharp as a pen’s edge yet healing my wounds, Maybe […]