I’m not anti-social, just uninspired with the vitality of Facebook. I never denied it’s viral, but I’m plain curious how my daily life would turn out without a visit to this social network.

Why don’t you deactivate your FB account?

I knew I was growing fine even before I joined facebook early February of 2009 (thru an “invite” from a very close friend, Neil).  I had more time for other fun online activities like manga reading, anime viewing and reviewing, film watching, listening to and singing along with the Music, and heart-to-heart chat with people I truly care about.

With facebook, everyone seems highly conscious of the image they portray- yes, that includes me. I think self-concept is superior than self-image. Posting photos and status is nothing but a poor attempt to strengthen the psyche. (You’re always free to disagree.)

I told my boyfriend I’m deactivating my account because I think I’m wasting my precious time on it. He laughed heartily (I’m just guessing since he replied with four “ha’s” = hahahaha). So I got one heap of support- which is enough. Let’s observe how I’ll go about the remaining months of 2011 without a visit to facebook. I’m pretty sure I’ll carry on just fine, but I’m greatly hoping for an inner change.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you must have noticed how fond I am of Classics. I wish to reconnect with the truly important things in life. This goal requires elimination of false means of connection (i.e. facebook) and revive the natural, infinite, ethereal bond.

Lastly, I’m convinced I’ll be more productive without having to think of daily updating my Facebook status. My classmate and a good friend in high school, Dave Ravina, just passed the Licensure Examination for Architects owing to hours solely devoted to reviewing and officially UN-FACEBOOKING for 3 months.

Have a facebook deactivation story? Share your unfacebooking success!

—– Update—-

After deactivating my account and not logging on to it for more than three months, it was deleted by Facebook.

Do you know that you can also delete your FB permanently? It only takes 14 days to completely wipe out your account at Facebook. Check out this guide written by Facebook if you’re having trouble deactivating your account.


By Issa

6 thoughts on “Facebook Account Deactivated”
  1. kaya pala…
    detaching from facebook for a while is fine with me
    but deactivating it? it’s a no-no for now

    i should detach from facebook more often and get in touch more with what really matters. ano nga ba?
    – reading plans (including manga..hehe)
    – blogging (na napabayaan ko na nang sobra)
    – watching films and listening to music (and maybe reviewing them too)
    – seeing friends in person (rather than online) and spending time with them again
    – household chores
    – makipagkulitan with my family
    – atbp.

    dami pa pala talaga pede magawa 😛

    BRAVO, Issa!!!! ^^

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