6 Replies to “Facebook Account Deactivated”

  1. ah nyeong…i wish to hear from you, i miss you friend…take care always…tashiman nayo…araso

  2. ah..kaya pla…so i need to deactivate my fb to pass the LET.. hehe..

  3. Hello, Marlene.. I miss you,too.. We’ll see each other soon. (Email me your contact details: issa@iamissa.com)

    Hi, Rhis. You can still use FB 3 months before September. Deal?hehe..

  4. di ko pa rin maintindihan Car’e, hehehe.

  5. kaya pala…
    detaching from facebook for a while is fine with me
    but deactivating it? it’s a no-no for now

    i should detach from facebook more often and get in touch more with what really matters. ano nga ba?
    – reading plans (including manga..hehe)
    – blogging (na napabayaan ko na nang sobra)
    – watching films and listening to music (and maybe reviewing them too)
    – seeing friends in person (rather than online) and spending time with them again
    – household chores
    – makipagkulitan with my family
    – atbp.

    dami pa pala talaga pede magawa 😛

    BRAVO, Issa!!!! ^^

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