On my birthday last 2009, my best guy friend (now my bf) and I played the game called “hidden desire”. The first thing that came to my mind was…

Be able to wear a dress. 

Sold for 50 dhs (578.305 Php), I grabbed this dress in a boutique I daily pass by but never cared to check.

When my cousin phoned me last Thursday asking If I wanted to see an Arabic wedding celebration, I instantly said, “Absolutely!”

Then it occurred to me, “Shocks, I don’t have anything to wear on such a fancy party.” My curiosity over the ceremony won against my pessimism/fear that no dress would ever fit perfectly.

Then I found this.

The first dress I’ve ever picked for myself. The first dress that felt just so right. The first dress to fulfill my hidden desire # 1.

I still think what’s inside us matters more than our appearance…yet there’s no harm trying to enhance (beautify) both.

By Issa

2 thoughts on “Hidden Desire # 1: A Dress That Fits/Feels Right”
  1. Yep it fits you beautifully, a dress that fits and looks good is more valued than branded ones :)) Yay for nice dresses!

  2. Hi, Arlet! Thanks for dropping by and for leaving comments. As I said it’s the first dress I’ve ever chosen for myself so pardon the heavy gushing. 🙂
    Do you have a blog? Why didn’t you leave a link?

    By the way, I like your hat! 😉

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