No Stumble

Living on fear is advanced death. Thriving on doubts is rottening raw. Relishing fright is decaying alive. Murmuring dread is cursing life. What scares you? What makes your heart leap as kangaroos? What dims your wit and denies light?

Facing the music? Dancing out of tune? Laughing alone? A mocking crowd?

Long old age? Young death? Hurting words?Depressing news? Spoiling success? Haunting past?

Despite these and more, still fight fright. Strive to live right. Breathe while you can. Embrace while your arms extend. Use while someone lends.Sprint even when you stumble. Speak while there is to say. In time, nothing remains unknown, nothing else scares anymore.Let’s make tomorrow our ‘now’, waste no minute in fear.

When someone doesn’t wish you well, it’s natural to feel threatened. But no one could impose their will upon you. Not any human being lacking in might and power should be able to incite fear within you. When anyone thinks you’re fallible, understand that they mean you’re human – bound to lose control and give in to trials and temptations. Acknowledge the truth in it yet never let this cripple you. Threats are driven away when you’re bold enough to scream at them. Remember that nothing could be scarier than the monsters we create. Shatter them. Step not on anybody,  fear nothing but the Almighty.

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