Issa is overwhelmed. It’s something I never expected (this soon) to wake up to. I was even mad at you, Neil, for being too incomprehensible. So this is the mystery behind the short replies.

I’m reborn. So much thanks.

I am Issa. My friends back in primary, high school and college might call me differently, even see me odd now compared to the ‘me’ they’ve met before but I dare say, I hardly changed over the years. There are still places and faces that scare me (though I believe everything is conquerable), my tastes still need polishing, my judgments- still acute, and at times, in need of correction.

Yet I resolved to keep on building trust with myself, love ones, others, and my Maker. It’s a quest I know worth the sweat and tears. When one’s confidence in thyself is shaky, it could hurt those around who don’t give a fuss trusting the YOU in you.

To you, the reader, welcome! Be bold!

By Issa

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