Hello, guys. I got sick after the stressful weekdays or perhaps after the haircut. Yet I’m glad with the result. I think I look a little younger than I should be… ahem.. I look 18 y/o, don’t I? I took the picture on the left just this morning after getting a good breakfast; as for the other one, I took this shot a month ago, fresh from an overnight camp at Safari desert.


Short Hair suits me. Agree?

Still unconvinced about getting a haircut? What is so bad about losing hair outgrowth and split-ends? What impression are you trying to keep with an unkempt hair? Why waste shampoo and conditioner on a long hair that looks ..ugh.. gloomy and UN-adventurous?

I can only find a single downside about sporting a short hair. You’ll look like a high schooler (afraid of high school stalkers?), so you’ll just have to make sure you carry a birth certificate before bar-hopping.

In both pictures, my comb was missing so pardon the seemingly undisciplined strands. They don’t really look annoying, they actually appear natural(e), don’t they? Short hair suits me. Find out if it fits you, too.


I have taken more photos, but in most of them,  I look sick-  awfully sick, this one (at the left side) looks less bed-ridden so I’m not so ashamed of sharing it with you.


By Issa

2 thoughts on “Short Hair Suits Me”
  1. 31 Dec 23, 2010 14:46 I love your new look. You look absolutely gougroes! I wish I could look good like you with short hair! I love your blog and the world you create in your blog space. So beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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