I was called to a small room and a medical staff turned on an apparatus to pry into the secret life that has been growing inside my womb.

It was my first time to lie down on this small bed, anxiously waiting for your first photograph.

Then the sonographer began the test, monotonously mumbling numbers and terms that her assistant quickly took note of.

When a full view of your head and body flashed on the small screen, I gasped. How small you looked! How cute!

I bit my tongue and tried to contain my excitement. I just watched you in silence.

But when the sonographer turned up the volume of an instrument, I was stunned. Those beats. Fast beats. From your small, strong heart.

A surprising feeling welled up inside me. Before I realized what was happening, my eyes were moist. I cried tears of bliss upon hearing your first heartbeat, Cyd.

How is it possible to love you even before meeting you?

This must be what they call a mother’s love.

By Issa

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