Wishin’ to win back your childhood without losing your adult wits? Go Wilde.

Too busy? Then start small picking his delightful short tales collection called THE HAPPY PRINCE and OTHER TALESTry the audio versions of these stories on a long walk, bus ride, or congested trips. If you find the words challenging, try them in print (not on bumpy roads,though). I ranked four charming and worth telling tales you never should miss:

First: The Selfish Giant – Sharing is bliss.
Second: The Remarkable Rocket – Self-praise is silly.
Second: The Happy Prince – To live is to seek and save the suffering.
Third: The Devoted Friend – Devotion to a selfish friend is foolish.

Picture each sentence. Savor the vivid scenes and sounds. You’ll surely smile how amused you seem. As you read or tell these stories to others, don’t forget to change voices!

Looking back at those days I volunteered to teach some neighbor kids, I was as excited and as frustrated to relate English stories to them. Wilde’s tales might be tough for them because their exposure was limited to that slum area. Even the best students in their community school would ask for pictures (loads of), if not complete translation.  If I used the mother tongue as I share these tales, they would probably laugh, cry, frown, get mad, because apparently, their senses were stimulated. When understanding is alone a dreadful task for them, appreciation is way beyond grasp. Would they come to know Wilde and other great story-makers as late as I did? I hope not.

By Issa

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