We could walk along the shores by night,
And make love in the sand,
Take you mountain-climbing in the morning light,
I’ll lead you by the hand.

Or we could sail the oceans blue,
And everyday there’s something new,
If you let me be part of your life,
All these things I’ll do with you.

We could find a private moonlit bay,
And serenade the moon,
Singing songs in simple harmony,
Who cares if we’re out of tune.

Or we could spend a week or two,
In a cabin with a view,
I would love to be part of your life,
Collecting memories with you.

Wake up to the sunrise, and watch the flowers grow,

we’ll sit quiet at the sunset, and bask in the after glow,

I shall gather flowers for your bouquet, we’ll dance beneath the stars
In each other’s arms ’til break of day, we won’t have to count the hours.

’cause every day that I am with you,
There’s something grand and something new,
Would you let me be part of your life,
All these things I’ll do with you.

(By Jose Mari Chan)

If you find any errors, please let me know. Enjoy listening! 🙂

By Issa

2 thoughts on “Part of Your Life”
  1. very good stuff. Do you have a RSS feed? And also would it be cool if I included your feed to a website of mine? I have a blog that draws content through RSS feeds via a couple of sites and I’d like to include yours, a lot of people do not mind because I link back and everything but I like to get authorization first. Anyhow let me know if you could, thanks.

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