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AS Fortuna Street is evolving to be a foodie’s paradise and it’s attracting more business owners to serve a discerning and ever-hungry crowd. For someone who (lives) loves to eat out, I feel lucky to live along this street!

Since I’ve been sampling food around this area for some time, I’ve picked out a few restaurants that stood out for me. Whether you’re looking for classy or cheap AS Fortuna Street restaurants for your first or 20th date, this list is a must-read. 


Google Map | Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30am–2pm 5:30–10pm

Tavolata AS Fortuna Street

Italian food such as pizza and pasta takes a sophisticated twist at Tavolata, a lovely restaurant that is part of Abaca’s Group of Restaurants. Despite their humble paper menu, this place has a high ceiling and low-lit interiors, making it ideal for a romantic evening. It’s a great choice for very special occasions like anniversaries with a price range of P1000/person. Reserve ahead of your visit to save yourself from disappointment.  

Balai by Cafe+

Google Map |Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6:30AM–10:30PM

Balai Cafe Plus AS Fortuna St.

If you want to take your date to a place with a home-like ambiance, choose Balai. This slightly hidden restaurant has three things you need to overstay: awesome coffee, Wi-Fi, and a menu that consists of a wide variety of options from breakfast to dinner. A meal for each person will set you back at P300-P500, depending on your appetite. 


Sadly, this is now closed.

Google Map | Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM – 12AM

Fudge AS Fortuna St

The fastest way to a man/woman’s heart? Sweet treats. And for that, you need to add Fudge to your list of potential dating spots. While the restaurant’s name might feel like it’s purely a dessert place, look at its menu, and you’ll find plenty of options, including pasta dishes, rice meals, and, yes, you’ve guessed it, lots of desserts. 

Ramen Yushoken

Google Map | Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11AM – 11PM

Karaage_Yushoken Style

This list would be incomplete without a ramen place, and Yushoken is likely one of the best along AS Fortuna Street. The restaurant introduces Japanese dishes by describing each of them on a menu that doubles as a placemat. Dining couples will be impressed by the open kitchen, wood-decorated ceiling, and high-quality tables and chairs. Staff also greet you in Japanese as you enter and exit. Prepare to spend P400-P1000 for each person. Be warned: the side dishes can rack up your dining bill.

Maco Manok

Google Map | Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM – 10PM

Some dinner dates don’t have to be pricey to be tasty. That’s what Maco is for. This tiny eating spot specializes in Native Chicken dishes but offers far more delicious options such as baked scallops, grilled tuna, grilled squid, and my favorite, tinapa. The dining area is small and simple, with a low ceiling, long tables, and plastic chairs. I think of it as an elevated Pinoy carinderia.

Hamakaze Dining and Bar

Google Map | Opening Hours: 12NN–3PM, 6PM–5AM

Counter at Hamakaze Dining and Bar

It can be tough to find a place to have a decent dinner after 9 p.m., even along a busy street like AS Fortuna, yet Hamakaze remains open until 5 a.m., from Monday to Saturday. This makes a perfect late-night dining place, especially for people who work a night shift or who get home late from work. It boasts yummy bowls of authentic ramen, and a personal favorite is its Tsukemen ramen. Price ranges from P270 – P500 per person. (Thanks to Annie for reminding me of this place.)

Did I miss your favorite dating spot along AS Fortuna Street? Leave a comment below so I can check out the place. I might add it, too.

By Issa

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