It’s Valentine’s Day so everyone catches the love fever. Being a reluctant romantic, Shakespeare’s sonnets often make me smile. Though I resolved not to show affections solely on V-day, I’m not cynical about the idea of making a season for love (It’s a day it’s fine to be corny). Ergo, I’m making a love statement:

Love is a steady stream, not a ruinous tempest,

It’s a refreshing air, not a smothering smoke,

It’s chemistry, never mathematics,

It’s physics more than history.

To love is to see a newer, better self,

To love is to correct, not to abhor rebuke.

To love is to ponder the incomprehensible,

To love is to strive for melody and harmony.

To love is to pick a star in an aster-coated sky,

To love is to be naked, to shed skin, to unmask,

To love is to be enlightened, not merely burn,

Love neither ages nor grows weary with time

but flourishes as each day passes by.

You may continue by writing your own statement of love.




By Issa

2 thoughts on “A Love Statement”
  1. Love is something to always rememeber and never forget that its in our hearts forever and ever until our very last breath

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