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At roughly 4,600 feet above sea level, Baguio’s been known for its cold weather, scenic views, and ukay-ukay shopping spots (read: super cheap sweaters and beanies). But how do you enjoy chilly Baguio when summer has ended?

I’ve been to Baguio once (during my trip with Jewel to Sagada), but we only had an hour to explore the city then. So when I got to visit Baguio again, I jumped at the opportunity, even if the trip was in June, a wet season.

If you take a mysterious delight in a little drizzle while cozying up with a book, hiking through pines, shopping at night markets, or swapping stories at a pub, consider this as a guide to Baguio’s best attractions on a rainy day.

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1. Mt. Cloud Bookshop

FREE Admission | Hours: 10:30AM – 8:00PM daily | Phone: (+63) 74 424 4437 Address: Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, 2600 | Facebook Page

Mt. Cloud Bookshop: This cozy bookshop at the heart of Baguio features a motley collection of local and foreign titles.

Visit Mt. Cloud Bookshop to find local and foreign titles and go home with a rare book. Opened in 2010 by independent and passionate book curators Padma and Feliz Perez, this vibrant two-floor bookstore is a great place to grab some literary souvenirs and entertain book lovers or budding readers on a rainy day.

2. Mount Costa

Admission Fee: P350 for adults | Free for children below 3 y/o | Hours: 9AM – 5PM | Phone: 63 917 702 8292 | Facebook Page

where to go in baguio
Fascinated by the submerged face. Lia, daughter of Gretchen of Filipina Explorer, and Celine, the tree hugger & author of Celinism

Located in La Trinidad, Benguet is a family-run farm-turned-landscape garden known as Mount Costa. It simply calls itself the ‘Green Living Room of the North.’ Boasting 24 uniquely designed gardens, this 5,500-meter garden is Baguio’s hottest hiking spot. It features two main trails (Yellow and Blue), which offer travelers of all ages physical exercise, relaxation, and fun. Food kiosks like Happy Tummy and Riench offer delicious drinks and lip-smacking dishes like Pad Thai and rice bowls.

3. Museo Kordilyera

Entrance Fee: P30 for non-UP students with valid ID and P60 for adults | Hours: 9AM – 5PM |Phone: 0945 803 6165 | Facebook Page

Museo Kordilyera’s centerpiece: A hut unveiling the treasures of Cordillera heritage.

Museums are a godsend, especially on rainy days. But Museo Kordilyera is no ordinary museum – it’s a striking collection of Cordillera’s cultural, historical, and anthropological treasures. The museum’s ritual paraphernalia, rare heirloom jars, special garments, and a complete traditional Ifugao house help visitors visualize what life was like in the Mountain Region. You can spend all day reading about Cordillera’s legacy here and still feel like you haven’t read enough.

4. Night Market/Ukay-Ukay at Harrison Road

Rain or shine, Baguio’s famous night market is buzzing with vendors and bargain hunters.

At around 9PM, downtown Baguio is abuzz with vendors selling anything from fashion pieces to jewelry items to street food! Head to Harrison Road’s Night Market (near Burnham Park) to hunt for the best bargains on branded shoes, windbreakers, beanies, scarves, and so much more. Just make sure you bring enough cash and negotiation skills to bag the best deals!

5. Camp John Hay

where to go in baguio
Lia, Filipina Explorer’s hiking buddy, with her frenemy, Martin, awesome Filipino documentary photographer.

Come morning, it can be tempting to stay in bed when it’s raining. Fight the urge and visit Camp John Hay for a foggy morning hike. Walking through a dazzling forest of pine trees is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Just be sure to get Google map of the area pre-loaded before you navigate the trail. (Though I totally didn’t mind getting lost in this ethereal place.)

Bonus: Baguio Craft Brewery

Hours: 5pm-12am (M-F) & 1pm – 12am (Sat & Sun) | Phone: (074) 620 2278 | Address: 4 Ben Palispis Hwy, KM 4, Baguio, 2600 Benguet | Facebook Page

It’s quite impossible not to find something to like from the 18 rotating taps at Baguio Craft Brewery.

Even beer snubs can find something that suits their tastes at Baguio Craft Brewery – the city’s first and only pub serving freshly brewed craft beer. Just tell the barista what flavors you enjoy, and they will let you sample at least three beer flavors that resemble them from 18 rotating taps. The only risk is that you might like everything you’ve tried!

Have you traveled to Baguio during the rainy season? Not yet? Give it a shot. You’ll enjoy the low-season hotel rates and encounter fewer tourist crowds.

And, like me, you will be reliving memories of Baguio whenever it rains.

By Issa

3 thoughts on “Where to Go in Baguio on a Rainy Day”
  1. I really love coming to Baguio during the rainy season due to the fact is that it is less crowded and hotel rates are lower than during the peak season. Contrary to what I heard that you can’t go out when it rains as the Scottish comedian Sit Billy Connolly in his famous quote “I hate when the weatherman says that rain is bad weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes, so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little!” Rain keeps the surrounding landscape very lush and green that’s what I like most during my stay. So don’t be afraid to come to Baguio during the rainy season, give it a try.

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