Dearest Youngest Sibling,

I recall seeing you swinging on a wooden swing, lost in contemplation, that day in EVO Nature Park. I couldn’t help but wonder what you were thinking as you stared into the distance. Was it a mixture of joy and fear, as it is for so many of us who have just finished college?

I recall having a sense of dread after receiving my diploma. I didn’t have the excuse of being a student anymore. I had finished my degree, and the time had come to put it to use. Back then, there was a lot of pressure to provide financially for the family. As the first one to graduate, I felt obligated to repay the mounting debts that had amassed over the years as I pursued a four-year degree.

As the youngest, I felt you were luckier than me. Aside from our parents, you have older siblings to turn to for support. But I didn’t think of you as the classic spoiled younger sister. You, too, seem to be succumbing to the pressure to carve your own path (as it should be).

Of course, life is much more than academic success and well-paying jobs. But once these tasks are completed, life becomes easier and less stressful. Not to burden you in your quest for meaning and fulfillment.

Being 15 years older than you, I still recall the awe and wonder I felt when you were born. I even saved your discarded umbilical cord as a memento of the miracle of life. I have the most vivid memories of helping mom raise you as a child. Your brilliant eyes were ever inquisitive, and your candid remarks made me chuckle.

But our trip to this campground reminded me that you’re growing into your own person. Though I don’t know your full story, I wish you all the best as you carve your own path in this world. It’s a difficult choice, but one that everyone must make at some point if they want to have an exciting life.

More than accolades and the license to stamp credibility on your chosen profession, I wish for you to find the path that is closest to what your heart desires.


Ate Car’e

By Issa

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