In you I remember the beauty of country life,
Hills and mountains, green grass – the island born of fire,
Tall trees, crystal waters singing through the rocks,
Nature simply sings through every beat of your heart.

When I talk with other men, I always think of you —
Your words are keener than their words,
And you’re, by far, more animated, too.

When I look at other men,
I wish your face were there,
With its eyes always battling with the sun,
Lips that only promise mirth.


When I daydream of other men,
Celebrities and models – you name them,
The thought of you is a strong wind —
blowing these silly dreams away.

My thoughts earnestly seek you as the river seeks the sea,
I must be smitten, yes, I’m dazzled by the light of your love,
Oh, strangely techie caveman, I must confess now,
You’re just about the rarest soul I’ve ever known.

Cuddle me in a hammock, my dear caveman in disguise,
Make up stories, tell me blissful tales of your paradise,
Sway me gently by your voice- my sweetest lullaby,
Cradle me in the moonlight till the sun shines bright.

Happy anniversary, Neil. I love you.

By Issa

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