If I had a grandma like hers,
who constantly and faithfully advised:
“Never cry, never complain,
To God you may, but not to humans.”
Those who like you will only be sad,
Those who hate you will be glad,
Those who matter to you will be depressed,
Those who don’t care would only disappoint.
Are your problems at work worth your tears?
Is the lack of money a big trouble?
Is loneliness life’s greatest sorrow?
Isn’t death the only thing worth grieving?
When you know what truly matters in life,
Yet you don’t follow what your heart desires,
You find yourself staring into an abyss,
Uncertain if it’s because you’re at acme or nadir.
My journey from birth to death is absolute,
Though timeline is indefinite,
I resolve not to waste tears,
On things that won’t matter in years.

By Issa

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