Amazon’s Kindle has an app you can install on your Android smartphone.

Never heard of it yet? Grab your android-powered phone now, then look for Play Store or Marketplace. Simply type Kindle  on search box, select it among the options,  begin installation. Now relish reading free sample  chapters of today’s most popular books.

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Exploring Kindle, I came to know that there are some big-hearted authors who let us savor more than three chapters of their books – for free. Yehey! How I love ‘free‘!  I wish Kindle replaces books filed  under “Popular Books” every week. Among all popular books I read, I was fascinated with only five. Here they are and a few words from me – the reader. 

1. The Corpse Reader (by Antonio Garrido). Admit it, the title alone is intriguing. I like how the main character fits imperfectly to the unjust society he belongs to. Extreme conditions can bring out the best in us (only if we’re tenacious).

2. The Hit (by David Baldacci). I’m no hitman so I wouldn’t know if there are loopholes contained in this book. I followed the novel’s pace, the word choice, the character introduction, and I don’t really see where David failed to do his job. Read and be immersed in riveting action and a few deep political/philosophical discussion.

 3. Revenge Wears Prada (by Lauren Weisberger). Don’t tease me. The shoes were everything. (I still droll over a pair of Burberry ballerina flats each time I see them). This seems madness but I just like Andy, I love Miranda.

4. Trophy Husband (by Lauren Blakely). I have a weakness for authors who make me laugh (at the main character’s misery and coping process). It’s like one of those pocketbooks in high school that you don’t want to stop reading though your Science teacher keeps saying she’s telling you the wonders of the universe. Real distraction for teenagers but fun twist to 9 to 5 workers.

5.  The Devil’s Grin (by Annelie Wendeberg). I didn’t like this book just because it’s written by another woman. Of all the popular books displayed on my S3 Kindle, this one promised to be an engaging piece. Sherlock Holmes has found his match! Need I say more?



By Issa

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