After nearly two years with Globe, I’m finally about to get rid of a P1,299/month phone and internet bill. I got an iPhone 5s from them last April 2016 so this coming April 2018, I’m free. But not completely.

I called their customer service hotline (211) today to ask about my options. Since I can’t end my contract with them (as I like to keep my current number), I’m left with their recontracting options.

“So, what’s the lowest plan I can get to keep my current number?” I asked.

The agent said P599/mo is the lowest package I could get whether I choose a SIM-only plan or a recontracting plan with a new, free phone.

If I downgrade my current plan (P1299) to P599/month, I could get one of these three phones: Samsung J2 Prime, LG K7, and Huawei Y5.

Of course, like what most people would do, I checked the prices of these handsets and found them to be within the P5,000 -P7,000 range. Globe 599 Handset: Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime LTE

Globe Free Handset: Huawei Y5 2017

Globe Free Handset: LG K7 2017

I like to own an LG phone again. Even if I won’t use it for calling or sending SMS. I think it would be great for reading e-books. Do you like any of these phones?

What If You Want the Hottest Gadgets?

Here is where it gets a little tricky. I’ve been dying to get my hands on an iPhone 7 plus since I saw its awesome camera. But man, the cash-out for this gadget is just too much: P30,000 on top of a 1,299 Globe monthly plan. A quick search online would tell you that an Iphone 7 plus costs about P37,000. I don’t think it’s worth it.

Do you want an iPhone 8 (64gb)? Globe postpaid users can get it only for  P30,000 on top of P1299/mo plan for a lock-in period of 24 months, the enthusiastic sales agent told me. But after a quick computation, I thought, whoa, that’s like P31,176 plus P30,000 (P61,176!) for a handset, load and meager data plan. Whew.

Since I’m working from home now and obviously connected to my internet at home 24/7, I don’t see the need for data. Even if I plan to travel more in the next few months, I still think it’s a waste to pay for a service I don’t use that much. An on-demand internet is a better option for me. You might be in a different situation so consider your circumstances before you sign up for another two years with this telecom.

What You Need to Get One of Globe’s Free Phones

Settle your outstanding bills. Find out the end date of your contract and call the hotline number a month before your end-of-contract date to downgrade your plan to P599. Here are the inclusions in this lower package:

  1. Unlimited texts to Globe/TM
  2. 100 texts to all networks
  3. 100 calls to Globe/TM
  4. 1.5GB Mobile Internet

I hope the process of claiming Globe’s Free phone is as easy as what the agent told me. According to him, I simply need to dial 211 and inform them about downgrading my plan from P1299 to P599. Wondering if you could avail a sim-only plan? You definitely could but don’t. You are entitled to a free phone at the end of your contract so use it.

Return here after March 20 so you could read about my experience claiming my not-so-glamorous yet free phone from Globe. You deserve this reward after two years of loyalty.

If you own a postpaid Globe plan and have claimed a free phone before, please share your experience in the comments below. Thanks very much.


On March 21, I called the Globe hotline (211) to request for a new phone and a downgraded plan of P599.  They told me that the only phone they had for this plan was Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. I said okay and confirmed the order by phone.

Before Holy Week break, Globe reps texted me. My phone was ready for pick-up! Here are the text messages that I got from them:

Globe Handset Delivery Text

On March 27, I went to Globe Ayala Cebu to pick up my Samsung J2 Prime phone but the queue was too long. On April 3, I was finally able to get my new Globe Handset. It came with a downgraded 599 plan, which meant I could keep the same number.

Take a look at the phone:

If you look to the right-most side of above picture, you can see the handset’s cost: P5,990.

The phone was okay. I had to buy an extra sim card to test it. If you’re confused which slot is for SIM card, that’s easy, choose the left slot.

Overall, I’m happy with Globe’s response. I was also able to give the phone away for a decent sum of money. Now, I’m looking forward to cutting my phone bill by more than half and start saving for a phone with a better camera.

Have you already received your free phone from Globe? Tell me about your experience in the comment section.

By Issa

11 thoughts on “Here Are Globe’s Postpaid Free Phones After 2 Years”
  1. This is very helpful info. I am also planning to downgrade my plan 1799 for lesser monthly bills. hopefully a better model would be available by the time my 2yr contract ends. Im confused though as my friend’s 599 plan had 3GB data plan. Will surely verify and get that info straightened out.

    Thank you!

  2. Why do they give huawei y5 2017 with single sim slot only when the original specs is dual sim? Im very disappointed!

  3. when you are renew your contract and got the renewal rewards – does it mean your phone still locked ? or you can unlocked it ? also how long the contracts of the renewal you are going under ?

  4. Hi Rej,

    I’m not aware of free phones for home WiFi owners. I’m sorry. Please call Globe at (02) 730 1000. Thanks.

  5. I chose to renew my post-paid (locked) contract, but I’m paying around P700/mo (for spotify, data, unli text to all networks, and unli call to Globe). I like having load and data all the time so I kept the plan – I just downgraded it.

  6. 2 months more and my 2 year contract is up. I REALLY REALLY want to KEEP my old phone number but also get a good phone. I am enjoying my 11 GB data with my 1799 plan. IF i downgrade i’ll end up with 3-5gb data. Ughhh the new P30 at The Plan1799 with 7200 cash out is tempting, confusing. Kainis naman. Sana we can keep the number but also get Great Spec phones

  7. Hello i am also ending my contract on Globe postpaid plan. Will they get my phone? Because I have a Globe Modem ,broadband they will get my modem after two years also.

  8. Thank you for the infos. I visited different globe stores to renew my plan and avail the new Iphone 11, unfortunately the color I was looking for and the storage capacity that I wanted are out of stock. I am very desperate to avail the unit so I tried calling their hotline. Everything went smoothly but I’m afraid that I will not receive the unit within the turn around time which is 8 working days. I was relieve by reading this post LOL thanks

  9. Do I also get a free phone on my 4th year? Meaning, I already got my free Samsung A20s on my 2nd year and continued on my plan.

  10. Hi dear all,
    I am a loyal globe postpaid subscriber since 1999.
    My contract ended up last November 2020, it came to this point til June 2021 I haven’t had my free phone yet. Why? Globe, giving away a free phone which were phase out in the market.
    My sentiments was, Globe should make a way for their loyal clients not their best unit but the better one. I am more than two decades loyal subscribers and they pissing me off with their offer. usually only 1 or 2 units they offered, and you don’t have choices or else you wait for the new handset and had to count for another months of waiting.
    I opted to prefer and maintain my number as it is my contact number in all my transactions.

    Globe, could you possibly pay attention with my concern?
    Thanks and hope there’s a response coming from your company.
    God speed, everyone 🙏

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