Hospital-based Maternity Package in Cebu

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

Giving birth and not willing to spend loads of money on hospital bills? If you’re healthy or don’t have a special medical condition, you can opt for a hospital-based maternity package in Cebu.

Of course, saving as much as possible for emergency cases (i.e., premature birth, unscheduled cesarean delivery, etc.) is still wise. But assuming everything is normal with your pregnancy and delivery, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by choosing a maternity plan, which ranges from P7,500 to P20,000.

Here are the average costs of giving birth in hospitals in Cebu when you enroll in their maternity packages:

Table of comparison of maternity packages in Cebu Hospitals

Chong Hua Hospital (CHH) Mandaue

Social Services | Contact Number: (032) 233-8000 local 82211 – 82212 | Open to Philhealth & Non-Philhealth members | Blog Review Link

P5,500 for Normal Delivery without complications if you have Philhealth and if you know a donor who can give 2 units of blood

P8,000 for Normal Delivery without complications if you have Philhealth and if you have a donor who can give 1 unit of blood

P8,500 for Normal Delivery without complications if you don’t have Philhealth, but you can donate 2 units of blood

P11,000 for Normal Delivery without complications; if you don’t have Philhealth, you can donate 1 unit of blood

P20,000 for Cesarean section (CS) and high-risk delivery

University of Cebu Medical Center (UC Med)

6th Floor Conference Room UCMed Building | Contact Number: (032) 517-0888 Local 2500 | Open to both Philhealth & Non-Philhealth Members until 24 weeks of pregnancy

For the orientation schedule and other info, visit their website.

P9,500 for uncomplicated Normal Delivery and Philhealth Members

Cebu Doctor’s Group of Hospitals (Cebu Doc)

Contact details: / 032-2555555 | Maternity package is open to Philhealth & Non-Philhealth Members until 30 weeks of pregnancy

P7,500 for uncomplicated normal delivery for non-Philhealth members

P2,500 for uncomplicated normal delivery for Philhealth members

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Cebu North General Hospital

Contact details: (032) 343-7777 &

P7,500 for uncomplicated normal delivery (source: Sunstar)

*While Cebu Doc’s maternity package was reported (by Phil Star) as the cheapest hospital-based maternity package, another source (a blogger) mentioned a different rate. Check with the hospital directly to confirm the rates.

St. Vincent General Hospital

Contact details: 0998-974-6102, 238-6870 local 304 & website

Prenatal care, an OB fee, a dietary consultation, a 2-day stay in a private room, a delivery room charge, basic medicines, supplies, and procedures, and the mother’s first postoperative OB visit are all included in the St Vincent General Hospital Maternity Package.

You can enroll via this link or by contacting 238-6870 extension 304 for further information.

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Perpetual Succour Hospital

Contact details: 032-233-8620, loc. 120 OPD; Initial payment of P1500 as enrollment fee (to be deducted from your maternity package fee). Required to attend an hour-long orientation (call time is 8 AM, and orientation starts at 9 AM sharp). Prepare money for lab tests to complete the requirements within a week – if you don’t comply, your enrollment fee will be forfeited. The hospital strictly implements this.)

P8,000 for Normal Delivery without complications (plus required blood donation)

P20,000 for scheduled, uncomplicated Caesarian Delivery (plus required blood donation)

Note: The maternity packages may not cover payment for prenatal lab tests and ultrasounds. Please check with each hospital.

You could ask the hospital directly for more information on hospital maternity care. Searching the internet will yield results that include contact information for hospitals. Get recommendations from people you trust, such as relatives and doctors. The best hospital to give birth in is the one recommended by your doctor or midwife.

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I had my prenatal checkups at Perpetual. When I asked my OB if she offered maternity packages, she referred me to the hospital’s Out-Patient department. When I asked the resident OB at the OPD how much it would cost to get a private OB, she told me that it could set me back at P100,000.

My mom would have laughed at this exorbitant rate. Also, I cringe at the cost of delivery by a private OB for someone who was delivered at home by a midwife.

So, let’s pray for normal delivery and work on getting healthy while pregnant. I hope you can take advantage of these maternity packages to stop stressing over money while pregnant.

In future posts, I’ll tell you more about my experience at Perpetual Hospital.

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By Issa

7 thoughts on “Hospital Maternity Packages in Cebu”
  1. I checked the maternity package in Chong Hua Mandaue and it was more than 20,000 pesos for Normal delivery. You can see it on their website too, under MATERNITY PACKAGE. Where did you find the lower P5,500 rate. Cause I’d love to get that.

  2. hello.
    Do you have idea how the rate for delivery if i dont get the maternity package. I am abroad and planning to go home on 33rd weeks of my pregnancy. I wanted to deliver in Chong Hua .
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Reema,

    The figures vary. My friends who had private OB’s prepared to pay around 80K-130K at Chong Hua (main hospital).

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