I thought I found a gem after I read that among all soaps available in the market, Dove Baby was the mildest.

I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends about it. Everyone loves the beauty expert – the guru that debunks all marketing lies. I was even prepared to cite my source.

Glowing Skin

A study published on the International Journal of Dermatology  made a claim that only this Dove Baby (soap bar) has neutral PH – not acidic nor alkaline. Instantly perfect for skin?

Well, not quite.

Why should I contend with this skin authority? If they recommend Dove then we should never consider buying any other soap bars. But I got skeptical. What exactly is in a Dove beauty bar? (For chemists out there, I gladly welcome your input.) I’ve done my own research and I found out that some people were also asking if ‘dove’ is bad for the skin.

Is Dove Bad for the Skin?

Always consider the competitors because they most likely  have the best fault-finding techniques. According to a website that claims it has all the cures to all diseases, Dove has a lot of ingredients that are considered  to be poison. There’s even a valid reference at EWG.org.

Dove Could Be Bad For You

Contrary to the early claim that Dove has very low irritant index, meaning it’s hardly going to cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skin, this image captures just the opposite.

If you’d like to read how seasoned soap-makers debate about Dove’s effectiveness, this website’s comment section is worth checking out. I’m borrowing one commenter’s final words about Dove:

“Look…even though I’d never buy a bar of Dove or supermarket soap, simply because it’s far better to make your own superior product….I imagine that it’s not worth Unilever’s effort to challenge your ‘article’, but they probably have have grounds for libel. Readers, please do your own research, or better yet, make your own soap.” – Greg Oxnard 

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