Why Empower Women

A woman presides over the fountains of life, all life—both male and female. She impregnates every human being with the qualities of her soul. Into the very woof of existence she weaves the shreds of her own being. Woman’s soul colors, forms, molds, modifies, endows the soul of humanity. It is so. It must be […]


By: Robert Frost There was never a sound beside the wood but one, And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground. What was it it whispered? I knew not well myself; Perhaps it was something about the heat of the sun, Something, perhaps, about the lack of sound– And that was why it […]

How to Talk Right

Is there really a right way of talking? Can we actually know how to listen and respond accurately? Is there a hope our conversations won’t end up frustratingly empty, banal, or worse yet, useless? Paul Grice proposed four maxims by which we can gauge conversations. Before you frown or get cynical, give his maxims a […]

A Love Statement

It’s Valentine’s Day so everyone catches the love fever. Being a reluctant romantic, Shakespeare’s sonnets often make me smile. Though I resolved not to show affections solely on V-day, I’m not cynical about the idea of making a season for love (It’s a day it’s fine to be corny). Ergo, I’m making a love statement: Love is a steady stream, not […]

Megan Reeves Shares the Girl Code

You’ll instantly recognize smart eyes when you see them. Playing as the tough, witty and charming FBI agent working as psychological profiler in Numb3rs, Diane Farr (aka Megan Reeves) snatched and held my attention pretty longer than brainy Amita (Charlie‘s love interest). Finding out Megan Reeves’ real-life character didn’t come as a surprise. She’s the chic that has […]


Walang Pilipinong magpapasalamat kapag nabasa ang Tagalog na saling-wika ng CLOSED (SARADO PO) sa desk ng teller sa Etisalat Network outlet sa Deira City Center Mall. Hindi ko mawari kung dulot lang ba ng pagod ko, dahil lagpas alas-9 na nang dumaan ako para magbayad ng internet, kaya nag-init ang ulo, namula ang mga pisngi, at […]

Meet Mr. Word Star!

What makes one a star? Florists hinted me I must be one. ASTER (a flower shaped like star) is my birthmonth flower. Yet lately, I learned that “ASTER” doesn’t always do one any good, like dis-ASTER. Image Courtesy of goodreads.com “Dis” means “against” and “ASTER” is a Greek word for “star”. People in the ancient times […]