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  • Sister Carrie

    What is the price of ambition? Barely reading half of Theodore Dreiser’s classic work “Sister Carrie”, I could quite guess where the story would lead. I was first acquainted with Dreiser through the book “The Genius”, which main character was Eugene, who humbly began as a resident of rural Illinois yet later bloomed into an […]

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  • Disabled Amygdala

    What are the risks of throwing away your fears? – Love Guru Among the many short articles featured on the monthly journal of Dubai Health Care City, the fearless woman hiding in the name “SM”, ignited my curiosity. How could someone ever live free of fear? I was glad Science Now has  a longer version […]

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  • Connie and Walter

    Connie captures in a few words what normal people say in strings of plenty syllables, exactly opposite of what Walter habitually does. Sometimes, he forgets simple names of tools for fixing: “Could you please pass me the tool for driving screws?” requested Walter. “Say “screwdriver”, dear,” replied Connie. At other times, his mom’s lessons on […]

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  • Scammer Alert!

    Five missed calls from five of my relatives. Oh, I didn’t want to hear them grumble so I didn’t call back. My, when I got home, I came to know they were “emergency calls”. This guy calls himself “George Smith”. He is close to his fifties, widower, with a ten-year old son. To further feed […]

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  • Dama De Noche

    Once there was a wanderer named Froilan who passed by a lofty, damp, and dusty tower where Frociela had lived for a very long time.  Froilan was first captivated by her straight, silky,black hair as ‘his’ was stubbornly curly and dry. Frociela knew Froilan wouldn’t be held long just by the beauty of her hair. She then crafted some […]