Prison Break Complete Season 1

Michael Scofield, or Fish, as his fellow inmates fondly call him, is the lead guy in Prison Break. Laconic, empathetic, and charismatic, Fish could hardly be thought of as a bank robber. Yet he really was.

The charitable man that he used to be was gone. That happened when he got into jail. Yet early on, it’s revealed he had everything planned to save his brother from death row.

I now understand my sisters’ fascination for this TV series. Somehow, the character of Fish starts intriguing me, especially when his psychiatric conditions were revealed. Diagnosed with low self-worth and low latent inhibition, he was lucky to have weaknesses that also served as his strengths.

Having low self-worth, he puts the interests of others above himself; and having a low latent inhibition combined with high IQ, he comes off a genius. Fictional characters become convincing when they’re backed up by logical psychological profiling. They fall in love; they fail in uncontrolled circumstances; they succeed with their perspicacity; and they ignore their own sufferings.

So far I’ve seen 13 episodes of its first season. I bet I’m quite late with the Prison Break fandom but I’ll try to keep up with the marathon.

By Issa

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