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Good day, curious readers!

Here’s your weekly dose of “Wednesday Wonderings”, basically a list of what I’m thinking about lately.

What’s on my Blink today:

Moody Bitches by Julie Holland, MD –  If you’re a woman and you’ve been called “moody” a bunch of times, this blink is for you. The hormones and chemicals cruising in your brain and body have so much to explain why you feel, think, or react the way you do. Of course the book’s intention isn’t to defend irrational behavior but to shed light on the science on women’s biological inclination to feel, think and act in certain ways. As you breeze through the book, you’ll be giving yourself a mental hug, nodding at every revelation.

A new word but not a new concept I picked up from Wordsmith: quotidian.

It comes from the Old French word “cotidian” and it means commonplace or ordinary. Something that occurs every day, which I find odd because I don’t use the word ‘quotidian’ every day.

A nature trip in Cebu that you can do for a day: Osmeña Peak.

Every kid can go here for a fun and easy hike. Here’s a fun fact: research shows that walking around a mall can make you even more depressed while walking outside surrounded by nature can lessen depression.

Photo captured by Doi Domasian of The Travelling Feet

Meanwhile, you might want to check out my most popular post on Instagram this week.

Last Sunday, I finally got to meet some of the most fascinating people on the blogosphere. We met over breakfast at Abaca Baking Company last Sunday. It was a merry meeting of gals who love to wander and laugh out loud. 😀 I’ll probably write a separate post about it. Stay tuned.

As for the quote I’m thinking a lot about lately:

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin, author of “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable”

New podcast you and I will love

Have I told you I love listening to Podcasts? There’s a new one you don’t want to miss: WSJ’s The Future of Everything. It’s also available on Spotify. Don’t we all love to listen a little ambitiously?

Financial IQ: how to compute your net worth?

Add up all your assets and subtract all your liabilities. What remains is your net worth. So is it negative or positive? Pay your debts as quickly as you can. It’s okay to skip some outings as long as your finances are in order. Did someone owe you money? Here’s a good read. Or next time, maybe make it a rule never to lend friends money.

That ends my first session of Wednesday Wonderings – thoughts and discoveries I love to share to every curious soul out there. Has someone told you today that you make the world a better place? No one? Okay, I just did. Now it’s up to you to live up to it. Hugs. 🙂

By Issa

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